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Toto Para - The Duars orDooars consist of undulating stretches of tea gardens or Tea estate, Tropical grassland, Swift flowing river, stretches of river banks, national parks and sanctuary making it the tourist hotspot of North Bengal. Each of the places like Jhalong, Suntaley Khola, Samsing, Chapramari, Rocky Island, Today, Parren, Tangtey, Chilapata, Buxa have its own set of features attracting the tourist. Toto Para is one such settlement. One can also visit Toto Para, a tribe on the verge of distinction a decade ago. Numbering just above hundred has started developing with the initiative of Government initiative with the help of the Forest department.  A primitive Indo-Bhutanese tribe settled in a small enclave in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India.

It lies nearly twenty odd kilometers from Madarihat, close to the Jaldapara National Park. Ideally located and bounded by the hills of Bhutan to the north, Torsha River to the east, Titi River, the Titi reserve forest on the south-west separated by the Hauri River. This tribe lives in elevated bamboo huts raised on wooden or bamboo platform and have straw thatches. A single log placed to get into the hut is meant to be drawn up at night to avoid wild life entering the house. They marry within their own tribe. Their main food from Marua a kind of Millet and they also eat flesh, generally of goat, pig, deer, fowl, duck and fishes of all kind. Like all tribes they have their own liquor made from malt and rice powder fermented and called Eu. Served warm in wooden glasses and is drunk in all occasions.

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