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Trekking ... Treks, Trails & Trips - Budget & Customised

Introduction to Trekking - We believe that Himalayan region is the one that will challenge, change and inspire you. Treat yourself to a break that will thrill and revitalize you. The terrains of Himalayan region are gentle and are the most picturesque trekking sites in world. Sandakphu Trek, Goechala Trek, Green Lake Trek, Yuksom Trek  are some of the well known trek route of the region.

All the trek routes are magnificent. Journey, through stunning scenic wild and panoramic vistas. Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan, Nepal is incredible. This region is  home to few of the famous trekking route / zone internationally. It has all types of trekking routes for all. One day trek, wildlife trek, High altitude trek, Lakes and river treks are all known for their natural beauty and the surroundings.

We promises you the most fascinating holiday of your life. Trekking will also help you in spotting wildlife, Orchids, Butterflies and birds, which are diversified and fascinating to watch. We will help you plan an adventure, making sure you experience every aspect of Himalayan world.

If you have a taste for the exotically different, we invite you to explore the beauty of the snow - capped mountains and the extraordinary flora and fauna. Basic facilities for professional, amateur and beginners are available in and around the area. 4 – 12 member groups are preferable. Reduce drinking alcoholic beverage & smoking habits when planning for the trek starts.

Our company firmly believe that nature is the biggest asset and we never undertake any activity that goes against nature. We are aware of possible impact to environment, so we discharge our duties accordingly. We leave minimal impact of our activities to nature, and help it to exist in its natural splendor.

Physical Fitness - Physically one should be fit enough to walk for as little as two to three hours. Age and sex does not matter but it is advisable to diet for a couple of week before the start of the trek. It is also advisable not to include members with major heart and lungs related problems. Doctors are made available but it is advisable not to trek at high altitude for those who need immediate medical help.

An hour a day of walking for 15 days prior to the trek will be helpful. We design trek as per the requirement of the group. It is always better to match one’s destination with one’s ability. After all it’s not about conquering the highest peak in the world i.e. the Everest it’s just an enthralling sport. Trekking requires normal health and basic physical fitness. Physical capabilities can be improved or given a boost by walking or jogging for couple of hours swimming or cycling

Necessity for trek - The clothing and equipments are suggested for protection and safety.  Some of the items mentioned are carried by porters. Please check that the minimum requirement is carried and avoid unnecessary papers and materials 

Tips for trekkers – Trekkers are generally well versed with the following tips. Yet these are supposed to be of some helping to trekkers. The best idea is to intentionally slow down all the activities and follows the ideas.  

Please Note - Write to us in advance and let us plan your holiday down to the minute details. We promise ultimate holiday experience that exceeds your expectation including personalized service and good company. Our trekking crews will ensure quality service.

Sandakphu: Contrary to few write-ups the name “Sandakphu” is not in any way related to the poison plant Nilo Bikh (Scientific name: Aconitum ferox) -  “Sandakphu” is a gradual descends from the term “Santaphur” which means “the dwelling place of a saint”. “Sadhuji ka dera” is probably the oldest house and that is still there at Sandakphu 
Of course the poison plant thickly populates the area surrounding Sandakphu and that’s why the name of a nearby place “Bikheybhanjan”, which means “Valley of poison” is there.
Sandakphu Falut Trek along the Singalila ridge: The Singalila ridge (Singali is a pass communicating Nepal with Sikkim near Kanchenjunga south face. La = Pass) has originated at the south summit of Kanchenjunga. It has moved southwards along with a comfortable down gradient for the trekkers and met the plain at Manebhanjan and Dhotrey. Too much historical importance to spell about this area - Many expeditions to Kanchenjunga and many invasions to Sikkim and Tibet by the Britishers in the past have traversed this route.
Breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga, Everest and Pandim along with other adjacent peaks keep the trekkers refreshed all along the route - Government has declared a the area of forest in the route as Singalila National Park in 1991. 
Manebhanjan - Chitrey - Meghma - Tonglu - Tumbling - Gairibus - Kalapokhri - Sandakphu - Falut - Gorkey - Gurdum - Srikhola - Rimbik - Rammam are few of the stoppages on the route 
Important information:
Important information:
There are several check posts throughout the route:
Important Information: Cell phone signals (Vodafone, Airtel & BSNL) are available almost all along the whole route - Satellite phone facility is available at Kalapokhri & Gurdum - Either Solar panel electricity is available at every halt - Generally lodge owners always co-operate to recharge the cell phones and camera batteries
Tumba is a locally made drink - It is served in this wooden container (the name is from the shape of the container) along with a straw - Mixing with yeast ferments locally cultivated Rye and Millets - It takes 4 to7days to booze, depending on the climatic temperature - The whole fermented material is then served to suck with a straw - Just mix a little warm water and use your straw again - But never shake the Tumba. It will generate headache. Available at every halt along the route - Cost is INR 30 only - So trek the whole day and relax with “Tumba” at evening before the fireplace.

 Every man dies, not every man lives - William Wallace

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