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Sherpa Home Stay (Uttarey)

In Sherpa village above Uttarey in West Sikkim District of Sikkim. The offer is a beautiful, clean and comfortable place to stay supported by a friendly welcoming family. The Sherpa village offer you the best that Uttarey has. Uttarey is a very small town which lies in the heart of West Sikkim, close to the Nepal border. It is easily accesible from Siliguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok. Sikkim is one of world’s bio-diversity hotspots and it has many home stays, Sribadam, Dzongu, Dungmali, etc are few of them. The state is a veritable treasure house of some of the most beautiful streams, lakes and waterfalls and so are individual Home stays. The state has a diverse flora and fauna with rich culture, tradition, intricately designed handicrafts and handlooms, scrumptious cuisine, and warm and hospitable people and it is true for each homestay. Uttarey offers to the visitor a wealth of varied experiences and yet at the same time is a peaceful as one's heart desire. Many visitors come here to admire the exceptional views of the beautiful Singalila range, which of course includes the majestic Kanchendzonga, India's highest mountain. Surprisingly for the visitor, they also can simultaneously have panoramas of the mountains of Bhutan and Tibet, a vista only possible from the hills of Uttarey. Uttarey is also an excellent departure point for both long treks to Yuksom, or shorter excursions into the Singalila Range. Uttarey's nearest rail station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP) and airport is Bagdogra (IXB). From Siliguri the distance of Uttarey is 168 kilometers by road and nearly 5 - 6 hours drive via Sevok - Teesta - Melli - Jorethang - Reshi -Rinchenpong - Kaluk - Bermiok - Hee - Dentam. One can also reach Uttarey via Geyzing - Pelling route or Chakhung - Soreng route. On prior intimation vehicles can be provided for guest to reach the destination. Sightseeing vehicle is arranged by us or our representative. Short Trek family trek are there and the options are 1. Singalila Pass Trek (Moderate) – 2 Nights / 3 Days, 2. Barsey – Hilley Trek (Moderate) – 2 Nights / 3 Days, 3. Phalut – Sandakphu Trek (Moderate) – 4 Nights / 5 Days, 4. Chiwbhanzyang Pass Trek (Moderate) – 1 Night / 2 Days, 5. Phokteydara – Everest Trek (Moderate) – 2 Night / 3 Days, 6. Thulodhap Rhododendron Trek (Moderate) – 2 Nights / 3 Days, 7. Thumkidara Trek (Easy) – 1 Night / 2 Days, 8. Noop Dichenphu (Nedham) Trek (Moderate) – 3 Nights / 4 Days, 9. Kanchendzonga Trek (High) - 9 Nights / 10 Days, 10. The Lake Trek (high) – 8 Nights / 9 Days, 11. Dzongri – Goechala Trek (High) – 7 Nights / 8 Days, 12. Singalila Range Trek (High) – 8 Night / 9 Days, 13. Uttarey – Boktok – Samiti – Goechala Trek (High) – 13 Nights / 14 Days, 14. Kasturi Orar Trek (High) – 13 Nights / 14 Days, 15. Maenam Trek (Easy) – 1 Nights / 2 Days, 16. Tendong Trek (Easy) – 2 Nights / 3 Days, 17. Bhaleydhunga Trek (Easy) – 2 Nights / 3 Days, 18. Rachela Trek (Moderate) – 4 Nights / 5 Days, 19. Khedi – Suntar Trek (Moderate) – 4 Nights / 5 Days, 20. Tramchu Trek (High) – 6 Nights / 7 Days, 21. Green Lake Trek (High) – 10 Nights / 11 Days - Trekking costs includes trekking equipments like Guest tent, mess tent, kitchen tent, sleeping bag with inner, mattress, permit, porter, pony, yak, guide, cook with helper. Food items like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can be arranged if booked early. Sightseeing options are given in days , one can select any one option per day. The details are Day - 01 - Lameney Pokheri, Trout Rearing Farm, Kagyud Monastery, Maneybong Thegu Mangheem, Singshore Suspension Bridge (Asian 2nd highest), Changey Twin Falls, etc. Day - 02 - View points for Mt. Kanchendzonga and its all dominant peaks, Chayatal, Alpine Cheese Plant at Dentam, Sirijunga Mangheem, Hee Khola water Garden, Rinchenpong – Kaluk, Hee – Bermiok Village, etc. Day - 03 - Pemayangtse Monastery, Rabdentse Ruins Palace 1642 A.D, Bird Sanctuary, New Helipad sunset point and Pelling, Changey Twin Falls, Singshore Khola Bridge (Asian 2nd highest), etc. Day - 04 - Darap Cherry Village, Rimbi Water Falls, Kanchendzonga massive view point, Rock Garden at Rimbi Khola, Kanchendzonga Water Falls, Khecheperi Pokheri (Holy Lake), etc. Day - 05 - Kanchendzonga Massive view point, Yuksom Coronation Throne (1st capital of Sikkim), Dubdi Maonastery (1640 A.D), Kanchendzonga Water Falls, Pemayangtse – Pelling, Changey Twin Falls & Singshore Suspension Bridge and camping at Manebass can be arranged for one night.



Zuluk is situated an altitude of 10,000 feet in close to the Himalayan mountain range in the East Sikkim. It is an up growing popular offbeat tourist destination and is part of the package. Zuluk is situated in the middle of a forest with orchards blooming all around it. It is a serene and the kind of calm where one can listen to his own breath. It is still a new destination, no phones or no television to distract. One can feel and enjoy the cool mountain breeze, complimented by swinging of the leaves and the birds flapping their wings. Padamchein just a few / couple of Kilometers away from Zuluk is also an added attraction with its natural beauty and diversified flora and fauna. Zuluk is located on the popular branch route of Old Historic Silk Route. Approach road is from Kalimpong - Pedong - Aritar - or via Rangpo - Rorathang - Rongli.  This place derives its importance due to its charming view of the Eastern Himalayan mountain range including Kanchenjunga. The land around Zuluk is still a virgin territory and is surrounded with alpine vegetation, with numerous waterfalls lining the hillside. In house dining, rooms with attached bath and toilet, warm water, parking facilities, transport arrangements are the minimum back up guest can avail. The home stays arrange trek guides for the guests and cars for sightseeing trips too. The food is essentially Indian

Zuluk has moderate climate throughout the year. The summer months are very colorful as the hills are covered with varieties of flowers. Winter season experiences freezing temperature an spiraling road one can reach Thambi View Point at an altitude of 11200 feet to experience the spectacular view of sunrise on Kanchenjunga. From Thambi view point, the stunning zig zag road is the one and unique in this entire Sikkim region. One can visit Adi Baba Mandir, Kalpokhri, Memencho Lake, Kupup Lake and Gnathang valley via Lungthung.

Zuluk can be visited from Ramdhura, Icchey Gaon, Pedong, Sillery Gaon, Lava, Lolaygaon, Aritar, Reshikhola and many other places nearby. Permit etc can be arranged if booked earlier. One night stay and then back to some places in hills to avoid altitude sickness. Zuluk permit is best for one night stay; two night stay can also be arranged. Other places nearby are The Silk Route Retreat, Reshi Khola Ecotourism Resort, Damsang Guest House, Chavi Village Resort, Dadul Guest House, Prakriti Eco Retreat, Neel Pahari, Pedong Holiday Resort, Jelepla Village Resort, etc.


Sreebadam / Sribatam

Eshab home stay is located in a tiny remote village of Sribadam (Sreebadam) in West Sikkim. It lies in a valley surrounded forest and mountain on all three side with beautiful forest village at an altitude of 5625 feet.Population of the village consist of Bhutia, Subba, Lepcha, Chettri, Gurung and Rai Sbadam. It iS lso well know for its phurpa tordo puja and authentic cham dance at the monastery. the vllage overlooks samduptse namch on the opposite hill with  the river reshi flowing through the gorege below. The nearby Phuntsok Choeling Monastery famous for its meditation center all over Sikkim and its neighboring state as well as in countries like Nepal and Bhutan. The monastery is also well known for healing people from any kind of sickness which is cured by religious ritual and practices. The Nyingmapa Palyul Dechen Gawelling Monastery known for its famous Phurpa Tordo Puja and Cham Dance (Mask Dance) that is performed during the month of December every year. There are three natural lakes and one artificial lake at Sribadam. Lakes like Bhaishi Pokhori, Jhor pokhori are well known. Bhaishi Pokhori is in a sacred location in the forest of Sri Badam. The Bhaishi Pokhri has numerous amount of fishes and is forbidden from fishing. There are three waterfalls in the forest area which is reached by walking and there are 8 holy wheel run by water currents. One can also visit the Woodwork Industry where designs are carved on the wood plank and tables known as Thockchi, Holy seat for Rimpoches [ABOOT] are made. If you are adventure loving then trekking around the Wildlife Sanctuary at Sribadam and varsey trekking will be an experience. The Ramay Dham dara known for its varieties of flowers and is a place where Rishi (sadhus) perform pujas of various kinds, this place is also very good for sunrise as well for kahnchenjunga view.

Rishum monastery is around 20 minutes by car from Sri Badam. A trek route leads to the famous Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. One can visit the hot spring at Legship and also the famous Daramdin Sai Temple. One can visit Solophok and Samdputse at Namchi. The Singshore Bridge at Uttarey and even Khecheopalri Lake can be visited during a half day sightseeing. The Shrijanga Temple is just 13 kilometers and Vhir Dara Tourist Point, well known for great views of Mount Kanchenjuga and sunrise can be along with a visit to Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali (home at Rinchenpong). A festival during the month of January can visit Jortehang Maghay Mela which is held for two weeks. Adventure sports lover can visit Chakhung and enjoy paragliding till jorethang. Plling is 1 1/2 hour drive from here. You can even visit the place during rainy seasons for enjoying the trout fishing and also for the Meditation which takes place during the monsoon season for 2 weeks. However, if you want views of the mountains then the best time is from the month of October till mid May as the skies are clear. Moreover, guests interested in Cham dance and the Phurpa Tordo Puja which last for 2 weeks must visit the place during December. Trout fishing at the rivers in Sribadam can keep anglers busy. One can even enjoy the traditional Bhutia, Limbu (Chaprung), Nepali, Lepcha, Tamu dances and local instrumental tunes.


Visit the monastery as it is known as the meditation center and if required one can  get healed from any kind of the sickness from this monastery as per the belief of the region. If you want to trek there is a route to the famous Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. During December one can enjoy mask dance or Cham dance at Nyingmapa Palyul Dechen Gaweiling. Mountain cycling in the forest areas as well as in the village areas can be enjoyed. Old Traditional Bhutia, Subba houses can be visited. The forests of Sribadam are well known for bird watching i.e. Birding. The Old Lenchay monastery can be visited, which is a part of Pemayantse and Enchey monastery.You can take a walk over the village area and get in touch with their lifestyle and  visited their organic farms. One can even visit the trout fisheries and visit the cardamom farms. if you want to farm or learn to farm or help with the village people with their daily routine it can de arranged.

One can reach sreebadam from Bagdogra airport (IXB) or New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) / Siliguri you can reach Sribadam through two routes. One is via Darjeeling – Jorethang – Soreng; the other one via Melli – Jorethang – Soreng. Hired cars are available from Siliguri or Bagdogra airport (IXB) or New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP)  to Jorethang and from Jorethang to Sribadam.Its is 125 kilometer away from Siliguri  and take around 4 or 4 1/2 hours to reach Sribadam.



This region of Dzongu lies in Sikkim surrounded by beautiful mountains covered with forests, interspersed with villages. It is in close proximity to the Kanchendzonga Biosphere Reserve. The Lepchas live here as a part of the nature all around them. Most part of Dzongu is forested region and fed by two important rivers, the Teesta and Tolung. Mayal Lyang is a beautiful house for a home stay. Mayal Lyang means the Hidden Land or Land blessed by God. A small walk around the place will explain why we chose to call it so. Untouched by the guest / tourist, this place has hidden treasures behind every other tree. Life here moves at its own pace. You tend to forget what it was back at your place. Situated in the shadow of Mount Kanchenjunga and Mount Siniolchu, the region offers some fabulous high altitude treks in the Kanchenjunga reserves. The famous and difficult trek originates from Dzongu is Tolung - Green Lake trek in North Sikkim. Khamri ……. or Hello in Lepcha. Mr. Gyatso and wife Samsay have started this eco-tourism venture with a few Lepcha youth from Dzongu.

They are known for their lovely home stays and their warmth and hospitality. They try to live up to their culture and traditions. They are fluent in Lepcha, Hindi, Nepali and English and will help guest to explore the place to enjoy the beauty nature welcome guest / traveler / tourist to experience Dzongu and the people. Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, places of scenic beauty, local market, Walk to temples and Monastery, traditional festival when they do occur in the village, local market day, Activity may include observing village life and seeing how villagers perform their everyday chores - milking cows, churning butter, weeding and harvesting cardamom, etc. Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, visit waterfalls and places of scenic beauty. Traditional festival when they do occur in the village is worth attending.


Pastanga is an area surrounded by hills, dense forests and cascading rivulets, home to folklore and cultural richness. 130 Kilometers from Siliguri is this destination of Rumtek. One can drive to Pastanga nearly 2 to 2 ½ hours. This home stay offers Guest to view into the traditions, religion, local culture and the natural treasures. To reach Pastenga one has to land up in Bagdogra Airport or New Jalpaiguri station and drive to Rumtek and then to Pastanga. From Rumtek one can visit KEEP a community based organization. K E E P is Khedi Ecotourism and Eco Development Promotion. This organization manages all the home stays and also takes active participation in generating health & environment awareness in the village. Trekking through Magnolia and Rhododendron forests carpeted with medicinal plants and flowers or one can explore the ancient Tibetan trader's trail to Khedi. Khedi is a village nearly a five hour hike through thick forests.

The lush green forests and thick bamboo vegetation is enjoyable. On the way one can see the vegetation changes from thick conifers to Rhododendron Forests. Huge rock cliffs and caves are seen all along the way and birds can be spotted. One can camp here for a night and the next day one can enjoy the Khedi alpine pastures and the view of the spectacular mountain range. There are two alpine lakes and during the winter months, migrating birds can be seen, especially ducks. These are two sacred lakes, the Bhale Pokhori and the Pothi Pokhori. The pastures are scenic and can be explored all day and one can return to Pastanga. In Pastanga guest can participate in various activities like visit to herbal gardens, trekking, visit to handicraft centre, Home stay, Culture activities and Heritage programs or just go for a Cardamom trail. Hospitality of the locals will impress the guest. Local communities and their authentic rural lifestyle make the stay special. One can watch the traditional Bhutia and Rai houses with visit to a sacred waterfall and enjoy a walk through the herbal gardens and cardamom plantations. Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, visit waterfalls and places of scenic beauty.


Sudhi's Home Stay

Situated in the Gangtok is a nice place to stay with the family. Welcome to Sudhi's Home Stay or better known as serviced apartments. If you are visiting Gangtok for a holiday, vacation, short trip or for an extended stay and are you looking for a comfortable vacation with ultimate services and home stay away from home. This is the right place, nice decent rooms and wonderful guest. Guest will have a living room to relax or entertain space to work and if mood takes you, you can prepare a meal. Hotels or resorts are great but a fully furnished serviced apartment has much more for your service. With so much extra space at a serviced apartment one can enjoy the stay. Options available are deluxe service apartments and executive luxury apartments for business trip or extended stay, holidays or family vacation rentals in Gangtok, Sikkim. The features are many. To name a few fully furnished rooms,

Individual Rooms can also be booked, Free Broadband Wi - Fi internet service option, twenty four / round the clock housekeeping and service staff, home cooked food by expert cooks, guest can also join in coking or can have a kitchen of their own, Wooden Flooring, Fire place, LCD TVs with digital connectivity, Running hot and cold water, Aqua guard water, In house car rental, Doctor on call, complementary service as per requirement. The hotel stay is homely in nature and one can have fun time with Karaoke and late night poker games. More over Mr. Rajesh makes the stay more memorable by educating about the place. He himself is the city planner his perspective is a good idea of Sikkim. Activities includes sightseeing Rumtek Monastery, Shanti View Point, Jhagri Falls, Ranka Monastery, Ropeway, Do Drul Chorten (Stupa), Tibetology, Ganesh Tok, Enchey Monastery, Cottage Industry, Flower Show and Tashi View Point. Excursion to Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Nathu La Pass, etc is the other options. Visiting north Sikkim in Lachung, Lachen, Yumthang, Gurudongmar Lake, Yumeysomdong etc are also some of the options.   


Kewzing might not be one of the tourist hot spot but can add to its charm. Colorful people, great scenery and rich experience of lifetime is what one gain from the stay. Activities starting from trekking to enjoy the scenic and placid beauty of the place by hike and much more are there for the guest. A friendly local guide to assist you to the local monastery through the cardamom fields is great. The history, culture and festivals form an integral part of the stay.  Celebrated with great vigor and joy, the festival and the guest seem to bring joy to them. Guests are encouraged to join in the festivities which include music, dancing and the feast to follow on every occasion. Organic Food and Local Drinks are unique. While bars in the city stock beer like Hit and Dansberg but most homes produce their own homemade millet- based drinks have to be tried. Hot Stone Baths or the open air herbal bath arranged for guests every winter. Other activities are photography, birding, etc.

Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, visit lakes, places of scenic beauty, local market, Walk to temples and Monastery, traditional festival when they do occur in the village, local market day, Other activity may include observing village life and seeing how villagers perform their everyday chores - milking cows, churning butter, weeding and harvesting cardamom / ginger / oranges / paddy /tomato / peas / pumpkin / beans / radish / carrot / squash / chilly, etc. Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, visit waterfalls and places of scenic beauty. Traditional festival when they do occur in the village is worth attending.

Yuksom Home stays

Yuksom itself is a beautiful destination yet to develop. To go to Yuksom one has to start from either Siliguri or Gangtok by car. Yuksom can be reached by shared jeep taxi or by reserved taxi approximately 125 kilometers from Gangtok and 170 kilometers from Siliguri. Once reaching there the tiring drive will just leave you stunned. Guest will feel the freshness and energy from nature will help you to go around the place. Even the drive is picturesque. The adventure one can participate are many, some of them are Trekking, River Rafting, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering, Yak Riding, Bird Watching, Parks and Sanctuary visit. Yuksum home stay started in the year 2002 by the Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee to promote community based tourism. Initially seven homes were identified to run Home Stays with basic training on how to meet the needs of the visitors.

Presently there are ten homes stays. Home stays allow visitors to experience the traditional way of living through an exchange of culture and one can engage in local activities, learn how to cook local cuisine or take part in agricultural activities like gardening, etc. Yuksum is an attractive tourist base for some of the most exciting treks in the region. With great historical importance to the Sikkim’s people as it was the earlier capital of Sikkim. The first Chogyal was crowned here in 1642. Places of religious and historical interest in the area like the Dubdi and Sangachoeling monasteries along with the beautiful and holy Khecheopalri Lake, rock garden and Kanchendzonga fall and many more sites.

Nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Nigeria will not be issued permit without the prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, and New Delhi. Foreigners other than the countries mentioned above should bring photo copy of Pass Port and valid visa along with one pass port size photograph and fill up the prescribed Application Form for Inner Line Permit. The Protected Area Permit under the Foreigners’ (Protected Area) Order, 1958 will be issued to guest. The Inner Line Permit (ILP) will be issued to the foreigners visiting Sikkim for a period of 30 days initially extendable to another spell of 30 days.

Martam village resort

Situated nearly one and half hour’s drive from Gangtok. Martam is located in such a place that it is attractive to young and the old travelers equally. One can practice religious teachings and meditations by teachers who visit this place on invitation. Other can use the stay just for the tranquil and peaceful surroundings. Activities for guest are many but the main intention of this home stay was to provide the lifestyle of the three ethnic communities of Sikkim and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna available at Martam. Day trek into the Phambongla Wild Life Sanctuary is worth it. The forest is well preserved and one can come across different plants and herbs that the locals use for food and medicinal purpose. Spotting birds, barking deer, caveats, monkeys, pheasants, wild rabbits, mountain goats, porcupine, and butterflies are additional gift. A small lake and a viewing tower is the place guest will reach at the end of the trek. Visit to the local monastery there and the retreat center where monks who for three years, three months and three days meditate here. Guided Village tour around the village to visit homes and interacting with the locals: specially the three communities of Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalies. Nature Walk and participate in cultivating and harvesting activities and learn of the different herbs and plants. Visit the close by monasteries of Rumtek and Sang. Sang Monastery is only 6 kilometers from the resort above a village. Day Excursion to Temi Tea Garden with package lunch is a day excursion. Temi tea Estate is internationally famous and fetches very high prices and has a unique flavor. One can watch manufacturing on a tour of the factory and see the processing of the tea leaves into the tea that is packed and sold in the market. Fishing, Mountain Biking or Picnic by the Riverside is other experience one can indulge in. Gangtok Day Trip involves sightseeing areas like Institute of Tibetology, Chorten Monastery, Cottage Industry, Tashi View Point, Ganesh Tok, Enchey Monastery, The Flower Show, Ranka Monastery, Ban Jhakri Fall, Ropeway, etc. Excursion to Nathu La Pass, Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir is a day’s outing and requires permit issued one day prior to visit. Conference or Workshop - Martam is ideal for conferences and other such activities. Many a group, company, NGO does visit this site. Nature Walk and participate in cultivating and harvesting activities and learn of the different herbs and plants. The setting and rising sun is brilliant to watch. Home stays allow visitors to experience the traditional way of living through an exchange of culture and one can engage in local activities, learn how to cook local cuisine or take part in agricultural activities like gardening, etc.


Yangsum Farm

This farm is situated nearly 4 - 4 ½ hour’s drive from Bagdogra Airport / New Jalpaiguri station / Siliguri a distance of nearly 130 kilometers. Yangsum Farm is a two kilometer walk or drive from Rinchenpong, West Sikkim, India. Situated near the small bazaar village is this tranquil farm run by Thendup Tashi and his sister. This farm is situated at an elevation of 1500 meter with the richness of culture, customs, heritage, flora and fauna. Yangsum Farm is away far from the crowd of mass destination. It is an idyllic countryside with a backdrop of the Khangchendzonga group of peaks, the skyline of the Singelila Range and a beautiful surrounding. Guest in search of peace and in mood for rest can visit this farm. Either seeking solitude or vigorous activity, the Tsechu Tharpa family at Yangsum Farm can arrange a itinerary to suit all your needs.

Activities that can be integrated in the package can include Trekking, birding, nature walk, White water rafting, angling, Cooking, Local history tour, Monastery tour, etc. There are a variety of birds and butterflies. Amidst this peaceful environment, the only sound you will hear is the chirping of the birds and sound of crickets. It is a private residence known for the hospitality. It offers clean and elegant accommodation, genuine friendliness, family feeling and homely stay. These beautiful locations are all well connected by roads and are ideal for leisure holidays. The valley surrounded by the conifer forests under the warm glow of sun with birds and colorful flora everywhere will impress nature lover.

It is said that the heritage farmhouse was built in 1833 and remodeled in 1966. It has nearly 44 acre mountain farm which consists of open mixed forest of pine, Himalayan alder, chestnut, magnolia, rhododendrons, cherry, etc. Cultivation of cardamom, avocados, oranges, bananas, pears, apricots and mangoes are done here. Other yields are maize, paddy, millet, potatoes, ginger, turmeric, sweet potatoes, seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes and peas are also cultivated. Tour involves monastery tour starts from Rinchenpong to Pemayangtse, the Perfect Sublime Lotus and then to Sangachoeling an even older monastery than Pemayangtse and ends at the sacred lake of Khecheopalri and the monastery close by.


Hee Birmiok

It is a delight to enjoy the first rays of sun falling over the summit of Mount Khanchendzonga and the mountain turning from golden to pink. After crossing Ranipool, the gradient of the road was is manageable and in a relatively short span of time i.e. from Siliguri / Bagdogra Airport / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station via Meli to Jorethang will be soothing as it pass through smooth road and through thick sub-tropical forests. A distance of nearly 155 kilometers and a 4 - 5 hours drive. Journey to Hee Bermiok takes about four and a half hours from Gangtok. Surrounded by Kalez Khola in the North, Hee Khola in the West, Rangit Khola in the East and Samdong reserve Forest in the South is the position of Hee Bermoik. A hamlet in a in West Sikkim with a beautiful setting. Sirijonga Yuma Samyo Mangheem or Limboo temple, Alley caves, Pheng doji falls,  Srijanga Cave, Wadhan Falls, Shivalaya, Kailaspati and Phur Cha-Chu (hot water spring) Legship are some of the places to visit staying here. The drive will be scenic and there will be flowers on the way side of the road occasionally. 

Shocking red flowers in bloom and a few other wild flowers with occasionally monkeys and birds appeared on the road. From Jorethang one will have to take a right turn towards Reshi, Rinchenpong and Kaluk. From Kaluk to the final destination of Bermiok and Hee can be reached safely for the lunch provided one start early.  On the way before reaching Rinchenpong view of snow-clad peaks is a added gift. Large cardamom plantations and marigold flowers, off the highway can be spotted. A famous trek but very few have time to pursue is the Hee Birmiok trek spanning nearly 20 days. The route is Hee Bermiok - Samma Taar Nature Camp (8 kilometers) - Barsey 6 kilometers - Jorebotey (8 kilometers) - Phoktey (7 kilometers) - Chewabhanjyang (4 kilometers) - Neytham (11 kilometers) - Chongri (10 kilometers) - Nayapatal (7 kilometers) - Lower Yambong (6 kilometers) - Upper Yambong (7 kilometers) - Gomathang (6 kilometers) - Panding (9 kilometers) - Dzongri (10 kilometers) - Thansing (8 kilometers) - Lamune (5 kilometers) - Goechala back to Thansing (5 kilometers) - Tsokha (8 kilometers) - Yuksom (8 kilometers). Nowadays all prefer to trek to Dzongri from Yuksom. This area is dominated by Limboo, Bhutias, Lepcha community live here with their own religious and cultural heritage. Nearly twenty home stay facilities are available here. Tourists can trek to nearby ranges through rhododendron, lush green silver fir, oak forests and cascading waterfalls. A wetland nearly two acres is being converted to a Lake as an added attraction.



We recommend a 3 Night stay to a maximum of 5 night stay. Guest will reach only after Noon hence practically for the guest it will be two and half day in the three Nights stay. You are reaching Pelling on 12th Noon. So basically you have 2.5 days there General Features of the stay include sightseeing, Trek, village walk, enjoying local drink. Visit to waterfalls like Changay and Nawley fall or angling at Khalj River is really exciting. Other options are tour package, traditional folk music, cultural show, learning local dishes and joining in kitchen is a treat. Village traditional drinks organic (Liquor) is available and one can enjoy a few sips like Tungba (Bamboo vessel) at Indian Rupee (INR) 50 per Tungba or the second option is Chanwa (Local Wine) at Indian Rupee (INR) 50 per fill and the last option is Vatiat Indian Rupee (INR) 50 per kilogram. Traditional cultural show at extra pay for booking is charged but its nominal. It is more of their entertainment to deliver their culture to the guest. Nepali folk dance, Limbo traditional including Dhan Nach and Chabrung Nach is enjoyable, Lepcha traditional folk culture will enrich you and its includes conservation of nature which we now hold seminars etc existed three hundred years ago, etc. The best part that one can enjoy is the visit to Witch doctor.

Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village like Gipang an Gullung Villages in the vicinity of Rhododendron Sanctuary, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, visit lakes, waterfalls, historical sites, places of scenic beauty, local market, Walk to temples and Monastery, traditional festival when they do occur in the village, local market day, Short trip to nearby places of interest, boat lake at Hee, Rinchenpong Buddhist Monastery, day trip out / picnic, visit ruins, etc. Other activity may include observing village life and seeing how villagers perform their everyday chores - milking cows, churning butter, weeding and harvesting cardamom / ginger / oranges / paddy /tomato / peas / pumpkin / beans / radish / carrot / squash / chilly, etc. Places of interest or the activities one can indulge in are the viewing of the magnificent Sunrise and sunset and the view of mount Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan range, Forest & Nature trek, birding and butterfly watching, Village excursions, visit to Lepcha Gumpa or monastery, participating in cooking with the locals and learning dishes. Going around Khalej Valley for sightseeing all alone is also enjoyable. Visit Sangachoeling Monastery, Khecheopalri Lake, Singshore Bridge (2nd highest bridge in Asia) and Khalej river and do all the local sightseeing that they have which includes so many waterfalls, other village monasteries and places of Interest. Other destinations one can visit from here are Rinchenpong, Pelling, Kaluk,etc. Ravangla, Yuksom are some more places of interest. Swiz cheese factory, Rock garden at Heepool, Chayatal  (boating and beautiful views), Somdara dentam valley view, Uttrey monastery, Uttrey bazaar,Fishiries, Dentam bazaar, etc are some more places of interest.

Dungmali Heritage Home stay

Char Dham is 5 kilometerss from Namchi Bazaar ...... but just 10 minutes walk able distance from Dungmali Heritage Home Stay ....or 2 minutess via car .... Stay is in nice cottages and its eatery is in road side (Solophok chardham road)..... both for guest who stay in Homestay or  guest who just visit for food ....... both veg and non veg is served on demand.....only. Restaurant is on road side a minute walk from resort... it is peaceful and is situated in outskirt of the jungle, so the guest will enjoy the walk ......if not than room services will be done on minimal charges.  

About environment: Dungmali Heritage resort is 4km away from Namchi bazaar....located in middle of woods,very peaceful and calm,every rooms have balcony from where one can view mt.Kanchenjunga, and hills. This is a beautiful home stay near Namchi and with typical hospitality. Situated among forested area and with natural beauty this stay will certainly please the guest. We recommend guest who wants to share or visit off beat location. The distance from siliguri to Namchi is nearly 90 kilometers by road. Ravangla is nearly 26 kilometers from Namchi and Pelling is nrearly 70 kilometers from Dungmali Guest House in Namchi.  Sight seeing places near by Dungmali Heritage or the places of Interest are Holy Char Dham, Sideshwar Sai mandir, Guru Padmasambhava, Ngadak monastery, Rock Garden, Biodiversity park,Temi tea garden, Tarey vir, Sadup Valley monastery, Kitam Bird sanctuary, Tirikhola Dancing falls, Ravangla Buddha Park, etc

One day trekking can be organised with a local guide to Tendong hills (1 day trek...2640 meters altitude....). Private rooms for drivers is available free of cost, only foodingwill be charged 


We too arrange jeeps for site seen etc too. Booking of the house can be done through mail or phone to Dreamway Destinations.

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