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Jayanti - This small settlement is situated on the bank of River Jayanti. A spot with natural beauty forms a natural border with Bhutan. A 14 kilometer trek will take you to Buxa. Buxa is known as the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Another option is a short trek to the stalactite cave otherwise known as the Mahakal cave. Jayanti, Buxa and Rajabhatkhawa serves as international corridor for elephant migration between India and Bhutan. Jayanti forest range covers approximately around 780 square kilometers. Migratory birds like Goosanders, Ibis Bill, Fork-tails and many other species of birds visit the swift rivers of Rydak and Jayanti.
It is a holy place very popular among the locals. A few Kilometers from Buxa is the Indo Bhutan bordering area Jayanti, a beautiful spot encircled by Jayanti River and hills around. Special attraction is for scenic beauty, wild life. Safari or just idling by the river banks is the favorite past time among the tourist. Please note that these places namely Rajabhatkhawa, Jayanti, Buxa, Chilapata, Rashikbill are remote places situated in the middle of forest hence the facilities available are very basic.
This settlement of Jayanti is nearly 30 kilometers from Alipurduar and an hour’s drive, a small town with railway station known as Alipurduar Junction. It is nearly 180 kilometers from Siliguri and is 3 ½ hours to 4 hours drive along the national highway number 31. Rajabhatkhawa is a nearby settlement and worth visiting and so is Pokhri Pahar a small hillock with a pond, where one can spot quite a large number of turtle. Jayanti is known for its diversified and rich variety of wild life and scenic beauty.
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