Travel is Not Really About Leaving Our Homes But Leaving Our Habits.. Travel is Not Really About Leaving Our Homes But Leaving Our Habits..
Don't listen to what they say. Go see. Don't listen to what they say. Go see.
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
In the middle ages people use to Travel because of their religion,
Now people travel because tourism is their religion. . .
In the middle ages people use to Travel because of their religion,<br/>Now people travel because tourism is their religion. . .


Lingsey a Hamlet of West Bengal situated in the Darjeeling District and Kalimpong Sub-Divison. It is situated at an altitude of nearly 4800 feet. Coordinates: 27°9'46"N 88°40'29"E. Lingsey is an ideal eco-village tourist destination where tourist can enjoy and be with the nature. Lingsey is blessed with natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, majestic mountains, lush green forest, etc. People are hospitable and at the same time they reap economic benefits form the business. Village tourism in Lingsey is a unique experience in the Hills. One gets to experience the various ethnic tribes and clans of this region. The Lepcha's the first known settlers, the Bhutia's who traced their ancestry to Tibet and the Gorkhali the largest ethnic community provide cultural presence and warm cordiality of the rural people. The ethnic communities have distinct language, culture, customs and architecture which becomes an ideal experience for the visitors to enjoy & learn. The houses are mostly built from local materials and are well constructed and comfortable. The overwhelming impression of the village is for cleanliness. There are trails through the village are neatly carved out along the terraced rating the outer house environment beautifully is expressed through a riot of Orchids and Begonias. Short walks around the village take you to the local households, cardamom and paddy fields, local shrines, lakes, waterfalls, nearby forest and herbal gardens.

Places to visit are Hareswar Shivalaya Mandir & Sanskrit Vidhyalaya: It is second largest temple in Darjeeling district & throughout the year several Hindu festivals are held in the temple complex. The most important among them are the Sawan Bool Bum, Shivaratri, Durga Puja, and Bala Chaturdasi. Lepcha Monastery: Minutes walk from Hareswar Shivalaya Mandir (Temple) is the Pellembo Lepcha Monastery which is oldest in the Darjeeling, build in the 19th century. Traditional Lepcha House with unique feature in the construction of traditional Lepcha house is that no nails are used. This is an interesting point to begin ones exploration of Lingsey Jumthang a Lepcha Village. While visiting the traditional house, one can walk further beyond to see the Sankhey Dhunga (Holy Rock). Sankhey Dhunga (Stone) : Sankhey Dhunga is the stone in the shape of snail. Used to worship by Hindu devotees. Dawaipani: The word Dabai pani is derived from the Nepali word ‘Dawai” which mean Medicine and ‘Pani’ mean water, is popularand is natural spas have curative powers of many skin disease. Rang-Bang River Side Picnic Spot - This River has its source in the dance forest of Neora Valley and it is joined by several small Streams. One can enjoy fishing, Camping or exploring the river banks. Servang Waterfalls - The Servang waterfalls one of the tallest falls is the region having the hight of 200 feet. Jhusing View Point - One can see a panoramic view of Lingsey Village, and surroundings. And can also view Mighty Kanchenjunga Range as well as Neora Valley Nation Park. Natural Caves - Locally it calls “Oraray” which mean a Cave. Sanga Choeling (Bhutia) Monastery - A monastery considered as one of the holiest and oldest in Kalimpong Sub – Division. The visitor’s can imbibe the tranquil air with splendor of monastic arts reflected in its traditional architecture, carved & painted murals and treasure of manuscripts and icons. Sherpa Monastery - Sherpa community use to worship in this monastery which is based on Buddhism. Mangkhim - Mangkhim is a Temple of the Rai & Limboo of Nepali origin is located. Sericulture Centre - The centre provides all necessary help to the farmers by transferring know-how and expertise skill training required for breeding silkworms and cultivating mulberry tree. Mulkharka Lake - Situated in hill top, the village called Mulkharka. Shadow of Mt. Kanchenjunga reflects in the pure water of the lake. Chota Rametay Dara (View Point) - view the Mt. Kanchenjunga range and various Parts of Eastern part of Sikkim as well as Lava, Rishop and Pedong. Fusrey View Point and Bara Rametay Dara are two more option. Rachela Pass-  Situated in Upper Neora Valley National Park, which is also a border point of Bhutan, Sikkim, & West Bengal. Neora valley National Park - Neora Valley Nature Reserve has amazing bio-diversity, and is home to many rare and endangered, plants, animals and birds. For birdwatchers this trek is attractive during the spring months of March to June. It is also the home of Red Panda. Other Activities which can be enjoyed are Rock Climbing, Bird watching, Traditional cultural show,  Cardamom Cultivation, etc

Jelep La Pass tour along Zuluk, Memencho Lake, Kupup Lake, Young Husband Golf Course, Aritar, Nathang Valley, etc is a nice excursion from Lingsey. One can stay in Zuluk or Nathang for a night. Permit etc will be arranged by us. Voter ID card, Driving License etc is used for permit and passport size photograph. 

Places Of Interest


Visitors can hire a vehicle from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) / Bagdogra Airport (IXB) to Pedong via Kalimpong. Lingsey is nearly 110 kilometres from  New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) / Bagdogra Airport (IXB). By Public transport one has to reach Kalimpong and avail local vehicle. Lingsey is 24 kilometres from Pedong & 52 kilometres from Kalimpong.  The home stays also arranges pick-up services from nearby places. It is well connected from Gangtok, Pelling, Namchi, Darjeeling. To avoid rush it is better to reach via Rangpo rather than Kalimpong. 


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