Travel is Not Really About Leaving Our Homes But Leaving Our Habits.. Travel is Not Really About Leaving Our Homes But Leaving Our Habits..
Don't listen to what they say. Go see. Don't listen to what they say. Go see.
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
In the middle ages people use to Travel because of their religion,
Now people travel because tourism is their religion. . .
In the middle ages people use to Travel because of their religion,<br/>Now people travel because tourism is their religion. . .

Mongar / Lhuntse / Ura Valley

Mongar is close to Bumathang and is situated at an altitude of nearly 1700 meters. The drive or journey from Bumathang to Mongar is one of the most beautiful drives of the region. It is through scenic beauty in the Himalayas crossing 4000 meters high. This town is the headquarters of the district of the same name and is a stopping place between Bumthang and Trashigang. On the way are Thrumshingla pass - Gushing waterfalls - Steep cliffs - Steeper drops - Blazing flowers with a constant changing vegetation - Thus makes the drive not only fascinating but as varied as it is beautiful.

Mongar marks the beginning of Eastern Bhutan. Mongar is the second largest town in the sub - tropical east.  The settlement of Mongar like Trashigang is situated further east. It is situated on the side of a hill in the contrasts to other towns of Western Bhutan which are built on the valley floor. Places of Interest in Mongar are Mongar Dzong. This historic site of one of the newest Dzong was built in 1930. Though built late the designs used are of similar methods and traditions of all the other Dzongs. There is no use of drawings and nails. The impression of how traditional Bhutanese architecture has continued to thrive through the centuries can de deduced from the concept. Excursions around Bumathang are Tangbi Goemba a half an hour walk north of Kurje Lhakhang is this monastery of the Kagyupa religious school. The temple has two sanctuaries and a temple of terrifying deities. The sanctuary on the ground floor contains statues of past, present and future Buddha and three clay statues. On the floor above, the vestibule has two remarkable paintings of Guru Rimpoche heaven and the Buddha Amitabh’s heaven.

Ngang Lhakhang is few hours walk from the Tangbi Goemba is the small region of Ngang Yul or also know as Swan Land. This temple is nearly 100 meters above the valley floor. The site was visited by Guru Rimpoche and a three day festival is held here each winter with masked dances. Membetsho is about five minutes walk from Tang valley in Bumathang. Guru Rimpoche hidden treasures were found here. A wooden bridge crosses the river and is a nice view point to look down into the lake.

Lhuntse is nearly 77 kilometres from Mongar and requires a 3 hours drive. It is one of the most isolated districts in the country. The landscape here is nice and attractive with stark cliffs and gorges. The region is surrounded by dense coniferous forests. The region is known for its weavers and their special textiles. They are generally considered to be the best in the country. Kurtoe region of Lhuntse is also the ancestral home of royal dynasty.

Ura Valley is nearly 48 kilometres and is about one and a half hour drive. Large sheep pastures line the road up to 20 kilometres behind the southern tip of the Tang valley. The route crosses Ura la pass situated at an altitude of nearly 3600 meters. The place is nice with a magnificent view of Mount Gangkhar Puensum. Villages in Ura have clustered houses generally quite unusual to be found in Bhutan. Above the Ura village at an height of nearly 3100 meters is a new temple dedicated to Guru Rimpoche. This temple was inaugurated in 1986. The temple contains a huge statue of the master and remarkable paintings of the cycle of his teachings. Since the last two decades Ura has been transformed from a marginal community to prosperous valley.

The above mentioned places of interest can also be visited from Bumathang. For the sake of destinations Mongar is been picked up separately. Ura Valley, Mongar, Lhuntse can be covered from Bumathang. The places are nice and the best time to visit is spring or autumn. Winter is severe but one can enjoy the clear sky and the sunshine.

Bhutan Travel Packages, sightseeing, adventure; religious, cultural packages are designed by us. Mongar, Lhuntse, Ura Valley excursion is organized by us for guest who really likes nature. Stay and sightseeing are also organized by us at each places mentioned in the site.

Places of Interest

Communication / Connectivity 


Airways – Nearest Airport is Paro and Druk air serves the country. Bagdogra airport (IXB) is 185 Kilometer from Phuentsholing or nearly 360 Kilometres from Paro. Bhutan’s national air carrier, Druk Air, operates several flights per week from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata and Kathmandu to Paro. One of the spectacular flights flies passengers through the stretch between Kathmandu and Bhutan. The flight passes along the Himalayan Range and all the peaks seems so close to eyes, it’s a flight to cherish. Recent addition is the flight from Paro to Bangkok via Bagdogra airport.

Roadways – Bumthang to Mongar is nearly 200 kilometres and requires a drive of 7 - 8 hours, Mongar to Lhuentse is approximately 76 kilometres and a drive of 3 hours. Mongar to Trashigang is nearly 91 kilometres and is 3 to 4 hours drive.Bumathang is 290 kilometres from Thimpu and only 220 kilometres from Punakha. Phuentsholling is three / four hour's drive from Bagdogra / New Jalpaiguri and six to seven hour’s drive from Gangtok or Darjeeling. The Royal Bhutanese Government runs a bus service to Phuentsholling from Kolkata. These buses depart from Kolkata Esplanade bus station and reaches Phuentsholing via Siliguri. Phuentsholling is the only entry / exit point via road. The other is entry point is via Assam known as Samdrup Jongkhar.

Railways – There are no domestic airlines or trains. Roads are well maintained and the mountain terrain and winding roads restrict the average driving speed to less than 30 kilometres per hour. New Jalpaiguri is the major Railway Station (NJP) is the nearest major railway terminal. Yet one can travel close up to the Bhutan border by Indian Railway to Hashimara. Then from Hashimara via Jaigaon / Phuentsholling by road to Thimpu, Paro, Bumathang, etc

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