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Ralei Khola / Relli Khola - Khola literally means a small river and it has its source below the Khampang range. It is joined by several small streams before it joins the Teesta River. Situated nearly 8 kilometers from the Teesta Bazaar. Like other typical hill stream it is quite swift flowing one during the monsoon but slows down with the dry season. It is situated by the side of the river and hence the name Khola. Reshi Khola, Neora Khola, Relli Khola and the Thukchuk Khola are some of the other settlement. The stay there is enjoyable with lovely forests, scenic river valley and grand views of the panorama of snows, tribal home and interaction with a lovely and friendly people. The drive to Relli Khola is through undulating hill slopes; interlocking valleys covered with lush green forests, terraced agricultural lands and thatched cottages. A trek from Samthar Valley to Kalimpong takes about 5 to 6 hours but it is only half an hour’s drive from Kalimpong. The first phase of trek descends to Relli Khola and then a steep climb to Kalimpong.

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