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Yuksom - Yuksam was the first capital of Sikkim, where according to the historical records, the first Chogyal of the Kingdom of Sikkim was consecrated in 1642 A.D. by three learned lamas. The evidence of the consecration ceremony is still intact. At Norbugang Chorten in the form of stone seats and a foot print of the Head Lama on a stone. Since the history of the state began from this place, these areas are now considered sacred by the people of Sikkim. Yuksom is connected by all weather roads from Pemayangtse, a distance of about 40 kilometers. The trek to Dzongri and to the base camp of the famous Mount Khang – Chen - Dzonga begins here. Several categories of accommodations are available at Yuksom for those desiring to spend a few days in quiet and serene surroundings.
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