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Yung Drung Kungdrakling: Bon Monastery, Bakhim - The ancient roots of Bon religion grew from a profound respect for nature and emphasizes the healing of physical, natural and spiritual environments. while the origins of the ancient culture have been traced back to pre historic times, current Bonpo followers practice a living doctrine dedicated to perpetuating the teaching of their founder Lord Tonpa Shenrab, who occupies a prominent position in Bon culture none as Yungdrung Bon or Tradition of Eternal Wisdom, they include the nine ways of Bon that outlines the laws of cause and effect on path to spiritual liberation Today Bon Monasteries through the Himalayan region continue to serve as an integral part of their community's Spiritual life.
Tags: Yung Drung Kungdrakling: Bon Monastery, Bakhim, South Sikkim