Travel is Not Really About Leaving Our Homes But Leaving Our Habits.. Travel is Not Really About Leaving Our Homes But Leaving Our Habits..
Don't listen to what they say. Go see. Don't listen to what they say. Go see.
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
In the middle ages people use to Travel because of their religion,
Now people travel because tourism is their religion. . .
In the middle ages people use to Travel because of their religion,<br/>Now people travel because tourism is their religion. . .
Lachen / Gurudongmar Lake / Tso Lhamu Lake / Green Lake - Heaven on earth is North Sikkim with diversity seen to be believed. Beautiful Lakes, Valley, Hot water spring, Rhododendron forest; Monastery, etc are places to visit. It remains covered with snow for nearly seven months of the year. Special permit is required and is assisted by us
Lachen - Lachen is just another surprise unfold in the northern part of Sikkim. It is a small settlement with sublime beauty. The superlative beauty of Lachen requires certainly a keen eye to behold. For those, who have not traveled yet to Sikkim, it would be pleasant surprise to know that Lachen has been made accessible to the tourists just a few years back. Situated at an altitude of 8838 feet / 2750 meters Lachen lies on the North Sikkim Highway.
Nature has numerous beautiful aspects and one of these facets comes alive at Lachen. This small hamlet rests on a verdant plain land that is segregated by cavernous ravines of Lachen. The multi-hued mountains, along with snowy peaks and black cliffs, appear to rise from Lachen. Lachen is inhabited by very less number of people. However, there are basic arrangements to make the accommodation for the tourists comfortable.  Lachen also having a Dzumsa is situated at an altitude of 2750 meters. It is about 5 and a half hours drive from Gangtok. The Lachen Monastery located on a top of the village commands a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and country side. Resorts, Hotels and Lodges are available for accommodation. With UNDP support, it is emerging as an important village tourism centre. Tarum Hot springs, 8 kilometres by road from Chungthang and 4 kilometres of trek, on way to Lachen is recommended for visitors.
Gurudongmar Lake (17,800 feet) - It is considered as one of the sacred lakes of the State both by the Buddhists and the Hindus. The lake remains milky in colour throughout the year and it is believed that Guru Padmasambhava blessed it while returning from Tibet. A portion of lake does not freeze even in extreme winter. It is the largest perhaps the highest lake in Sikkim, India. The very appearance of serene waters of the lake brings a sense of relief to the beholder. Situated at an elevation of 17,100 feet (5148 meters), Gurudongmar Lake rests on the northern side of the Khangchengyao Range, in a high plateau area next to the Tibetan Plateau. Gurudongmar Lake is a watercourse of high reverence for the Sikkim’s and Buddhists. Strong wind and high altitude makes it difficult to stay there for long. People with breathing problems are requested to avoid the visit to the lake. The Gurudongmar Lake, located at a high altitude is filled with crystal clear water during the months of June - July. By October the water starts freezing and during winter the lake resembles a sheet of ice.
Tso Lhamu Lake - Near Donkiala Pass, Chola Mu is a charming lake to be found on the plateau that extends from Sikkim into Tibet. At an altitude of 18000 feet, Tso Lhamu Lake is surrounded with snow crowned mountains and cold desert. The renowned Teesta River emerges from this lake. In winters, the lake gets frozen, but before getting frigid, it doesn't forget to flirt with ice. The beauty of this lake gets further enhanced by the reflection of adjoining mountains in its waters. The chilly water of this lake, invites many migratory birds from Russia, China and other parts of India, to take a placid halt. An exciting feature of trip to the valley is a chance to walk on frozen lake if visiting the place during winter. A few kilometres from the valley is the Gurudongmar Lake, considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. The lake is very close to the Indo - Tibet border and is considered special because a part of it never freezes even in the peak of winter. About nine kilometres from Gurudongmar Lake is the Tso Lhamu Lake and is the source of river Teesta. The Cho Lhamu Lake is situated at an elevation of more than 18000 feet and is perhaps one of the highest lake in India.
Green Lake – As expected, Green Lake does not have any greenery on its banks nor has green waters – Its water looks green on falling sunlight. In 1899, the lake disappeared and today, this lake is just a lake basin with ice around it for 8 months of the years. Recently, Green Lake has been developed into a take-off point for mountaineers and bikers, who go for expeditions in this area. This is one of the best treks of the region and is quite tough. There are quite a number of trekking routes originate from Lachen. But again trekking in this region are bit costly due to the Government policies. Some of the well known trek routes are Lachen - Green Lake (Mount Khanchenjungha base camp) - Zemathang - Goecha La - Yoksum (in West Sikkim), Thangu - Muguthang - Lhonak Valley - Zemathang - Yoksum and Thanggu - Muguthang - Chorten Nyimala range.
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