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Rock Garden - Sewaro Rock Garden or just rock garden was developed by the tourism department and well maintained with gardens, pools and zigzag foot paths among the rocks. Other amenities like swimming yard, viewpoints and cafeteria are also there for the guest to enjoy the stay.  The rock garden of the area is situated nearly twelve kilometers from Pelling.Rimbi River, Waterfalls, old Power station, Sewaro Rock Garden are some of the places nearby. Nearly five kilometers further down from Rock garden is the Darap village on the Rimbi River Bank. It is on the way to Khecheopalri and Yuksam. The main attraction of the park is the water falls, Hydel station and the nearby villages.

Water falls is spectacular in all season like summer, winter, autumn and spring except monsoon when though it’s in full force yet risky. It attracts many tourist and locals alike from all over the globe.  A power station by called Karchen Power house is the oldest in West Sikkim was installed in early seventy’s. During the last king’s government with the intention to supply electricity to villages nearby and the towns of West Sikkim including Gayzing and Pelling. The river is beautiful and breath taking but it is only in the winter when river water decreases and behaves gently. The tourists can enjoy the water and can go right inside the river bank or the river. Guest can enjoy the river and angling as one come across the local children engaged in fishing. During monsoon when the river wells and become violent it is advisable to keep away from it. People are advised to keep away from the water and enjoy photography or the natural beauty of the place from close.

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